Mr. Gorakh Nakhwa, Mumbai (New)

Way back in 1996, I learnt after consulting a dermatologist that I had developed psoriasis. It started with my scalp and was spreading with time. I tried Allopathic treatment for a period of 8-9 years, but in vain. I also tried Ayurveda & Homeopathy, compromising with my lifestyle and abiding by all the restrictions on my eating habits. But unfortunately nothing seemed to work well for me.
Early this year, I faced the worst Psoriasis outburst of my entire life. It started spreading all over and the itching & pain became intolerable with time. I had no other option but to rush to my doctor again. I was in very bad shape. My entire body was covered in spots with blood oozing out of them.
That is when my doctor suggested me to give a try. Most of my eruptions healed within 8-10 days of the first dose and I was in a much better shape by the end of the month. All I’ve to say is that healed me miraculously and I’m a living example for all those who seek hope for defeating Psoriasis and emerging as winners!

Mrs. Shishirani Boda, Jodhpur (New)

I was taken aback when random patches appeared on my skin. Earlier I thought of it as a regular skin problem, but my concern grew when I had joint pain associated with it. Later on consulting a Rheumatologist, we came to know that she was suffering from Psoriatic arthritis.

A few months ago, my condition was so worse that I had problem in my daily chores; even taking a bath was difficult. I tried taking conventional medication, but it caused a lot of dizziness & vomiting. In a short period, the patches spread over my whole body and I started encountering problems even while changing clothes or sleeping for that matter. I was unable to walk and got bed ridden. Many a times ants used to surround me while sleeping, because of my wounds.

It was then, that my doctor suggested . Fortunately, I started getting good relief after starting the therapy. My patches started clearing after 2nd & 3rd injection and considerable relief was observed in joint pain as well. I can undoubtedly say that has given me a new life, now I can manage my daily chores by myself, can cook for my family and a little bit of out-of-home work as well.

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi, Mysore (New)

It was 2014 when I started experiencing swelling and pain in my ankles. In spite of taking Ayurvedic treatment for 6 months, the pain progressed to other joints and it became difficult to even move my wrists & elbows. My condition worsened with time and a stage was reached where I was completely dependent on my husband; even for basic activities like eating & bathing. Keep daily chores at bay, I couldn’t even lift a spoon by myself. The biggest disappointment came when I lost the sense of balance due to Autoimmune Inner-Ear Disease (AIED).

I was advised to consult a Rheumatologist by my family doctor. I’m extremely thankful to him for suggesting therapy. Signs of recovery were evident from the very 3rd dose. My AIED also subsided by the 8th dose. This therapy has worked wonderfully for me; I can lead a normal life now. I’m back to making artworks & playing Veena. I can undoubtedly say that has revived me from a bed-ridden schedule and I’m back to being myself!

Mr. Kundan Sharma, Mumbai (New)

I felt crippled in my childhood when I was run down by Ankylosing spondylitis during my 9th grade. My back-pain was so severe that I was unable to move my body. Medicines prescribed by the doctor could ease my pain for 2-4 hours but there wasn’t any significant relief. Gradually my backbone started tilting to one side and my body became stiff. I could no more lead a normal life or go out with my friends.

proved to be a boon for me. With regular medication, the symptoms gradually started subsiding and my life started coming back on track. I’m very grateful to my doctor and for making it possible to relish a fun-filled life once again!

Mr. Karan Tyagi, Delhi (New)

As a child, I had no idea what it is to run and play with friends. Arthritis struck me at a juvenile stage of 2.5 years. With passing years, my left knee got bent and I couldn’t even walk properly. It was very difficult for my parents to make peace with the fact that there child has been diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis(JIA). They made every possible effort to treat my condition. We tried visiting different hospitals, took variety of medicines, but nothing brought me any relief. Even Ayurvedic & Homeopathic therapies didn’t seem to work at all.

Then my doctor referred me to a Rheumatologist, from whom we came to know about. This drug worked wonders for me. I could not only walk properly but even run. made my parents’ dream come true and I couldn’t recall if I ever had arthritis!

Mr. Swayam Prakash Choudhury, Hyderabad (New)

It was all going well and I was living happily with my family until 2010 when I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. To treat my condition, I explored all possibilities in allopathic, homeopathic and even ayurvedic medicines but none of these medicines were able to give me sustained relief from the pain. I used to take several pain killers to mitigate pain and somehow managed to carry out my daily activities but in 2015 when we shifted to Hyderabad, the pain and complications intensified so much that I was not even able to sit for more than 30 minutes in office and being a sportsperson, activities like jogging, running, etc. which I always loved to do, also stopped. Looking at the blood and radiographic tests, my rheumatologist prescribed me and I felt much better just after 1 day of the first shot. I have been taking since May’15 and now I can go for jogging and walking. has empowered me so much that I could participate in 10K Hyderabad Marathon on 30th August, 2015 and not only complete the race but also stood at 441st rank among 2700 runners. I am really grateful to for what it has done it me.

Mrs. Raksha Muni, Mumbai (New)

It started from year 2014, when my joints started aching and gradually inflammation started on my legs and hands too. This impacted my routine life so badly that even activities like walking, bathing and washing clothes became difficult. Being a regular diary writer, I used to pen down my daily life, but due to severe ache and stiffness, I was devoid of doing what I loved the most. In January 2015, one of the clinician prescribed me some medicines assuring relief from pain but there was no relief. Later on, I was advised to visit a specialist; I consulted an Orthopedician and a Neurologist to diagnose the disease rightly. There was no success with the consultation of both of the specialty clinicians. Finally, I was referred to a Nephrologist who also found that I had congenital unilateral kidney disorder. Even having one kidney, the doctor found it right to prescribe . First dose of itself resulted in lot of improvement in my joint movements. After the fourth dose of , I was totally relieved from pain and stiffness which helped me to be independent and do my work my way with great ease. Now, I feel the same comfort and confidence as before and follow my passion of diary writing. I am really thankful to for allowing me to once again live my life to the fullest.

Mr. Vidyasagar, Hyderabad (New)

My name is Vidyasagar, living in Hyderabad and by profession I am a businessman. My work demands me to meet clients and travel locally. Around 4 years back in 2011, I experienced pain in my upper and lower limbs. Initially, I thought that it was related to age and fatigue but gradually the pain extended to my back also and it was too severe that I required support from others to move. It was so painful that I was not able to ride my bike and even go to shop, which eventually started affecting my business also. I was worried about my physical state. I consulted an Orthopedician, who prescribed some medicines but the relief was not satisfactory. I was switching from one doctor to another to find some relief from pain but everywhere I was disappointed. One fine day, my friend suggested me to consult a Rheumatologist who are said to be experts in managing joints related ailments. I consulted one such Rheumatologist from the city, who advised several tests and examinations for diagnosis of my ailment. In the diagnosis, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was prescribed with some oral medicines. Effects start reflecting within one week span. Pain in my joints started reducing gradually which helped me to ride my bike, go to my shop and carry out other outdoor activities without any support and difficulty. The most important part is that I didn’t have any side effects with . I am thankful to my Rheumatologist and to provide me pain less and good quality of life.

Mrs. Ameena, Chennai (New)

My name is Ameena and it was a proud moment for me as I was blessed with a baby. We were all very happy till a month later after I delivered my baby, when I started experiencing pain in my left foot that gradually progressed to right foot too. Eventually, in a span of few days only, both my feet and hands started paining severely. I was left immobile due to immense pain in my limbs. I had difficulty in even holding my own new-born child. It was very disheartening for me and I was very upset. I consulted an Orthopedic doctor who gave some pain-killers, which I took for a month or so but the pain didn’t subside. My husband used to travel places and meet doctors of different specialties to find a solution to my illness but to no avail. Finally, we consulted a Rheumatologist who after proper investigation, diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was prescribed an injection called along with other oral medicines. I was bedridden before taking but got a very good response after the first dose of . My pain was lesser and I was able to move. I could even walk to the doctor’s cabin next time I went to see him. I have completed my prescribed therapy of and now I feel much more empowered that I can do my routine activities and take care of my baby, which at one point of time I was not able to. Thank you for putting me back in life.

Mr. Wasim Sheikh, Pune (New)

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, a disease which left me almost bed-ridden until I used in December 2014. At the age of 25, it all started with pain in joints and back ache. I thought it was normal so I went to see an orthopedician who gave some medicines to relieve my joint pain and back ache but unfortunately I could not get much relief. My condition worsened to such an extent that I was not able to move around and even lie down without asking for help. With this condition, my orthopaedician advised to perform HLA-B27 test. Results were positive. Eventually I was referred to rheumatologist. My rheumatologist prescribed me . This medicine improved my condition and provided lot of relief. Within the third dose of , pain in joints got diminished which helped me to do my work with no difficulty. Now, I can sit, bend and offer my prayers. I am extremely thankful to for bringing back happiness in my life.

Mr. Priyadeep Mukherjee, Bhubaneswar (New)

It was never easy for me to accept that at the age of 20 when I was totally focused on my career goals I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis. At that moment the trauma of pain was so high that it affected my stamina and confidence to work on my aspirations. It all started in 2009 when I felt pain and swelling in my left knee. I consulted local clinician who gave intra-articular injections for the affected joint. But relief was for only shorter duration, gradually pain and swelling, affected in my right knee and joints of my hands knee leading intense pain. To add to the worse, in November 2014, I met with an accident further which deteriorated my condition with extreme stiffness in the back, severe pain in the knee joints and morning stiffness. It resulted me to remain completely bed ridden. This mental trauma had shaken my self-confidence to focus on my daily work life balance. As the disease headed towards its severe form, my family took me to a rheumatologist who heard my each series of event happened during this duration and also treatment taken. With the proper findings clinician prescribed me . Taking this as a ray of hope I took , eventually, after taking first dose, my pain and stiffness in the joints reduced drastically resulting myself to stand and walk freely. With the 3rd dose of improvement have been much more that I can now run and move around freely with no trauma of pain and stiffness. Now I have joined my office and living normal life. Many thanks to for new ray of hope.

Mrs. Krishna Mitra, Kolkata (New)

In 2013 I was having a series of severe pain events in both of my lower limbs. I consulted an orthopedician who prescribed me some painkillers and antibiotics. Initially, I had some relief from pain for shorter duration, but it kept coming back. The disease got worsened after 6 months as I am not able to walk or move properly. I visited a rheumatologist to make me understand about the right cause behind body stiffness and pain. After having a proper discussion about treatment taken with my rheumatologist, clinician diagnosed me with Ankylosing spondylitis which was an eye opener. Till that time I had not even imagined about this disease. With all observations and counseling done my clinician prescribed . Within the 3rd day of first dose I started moving freely with no pain. After 3-4 doses, helped me to get back to normal life. Now I can exercise, go out and do all households works with no pain and stiffness. I would like to thank for providing great relief in my life.

Master Ajay*, Greater Noida

It was a normal life like any other child. Then one fine day, around three and a half years back I got redness in my left eye. At that time I did not imagine that this one small incidence would come to ruin my entire life. The left eye was not only red but also painful; and pain was unbearable. The eye watered out with pain and I could hardly concentrate in anything else. I took some antibiotic drops and after some time this painful episode went off. But relief was not long- lasting. The same eye- pain came back after a couple of months and went off as it did earlier. Such attacks on my left eye were now becoming fairly common. With every attack, my vision power of left eye would go down. I would get around 4- 5 such kind of episodes every year. Nothing worked. I started losing my focus in studies due to this and my grades started coming down. Eventually, last year one such attack permanently destroyed my left eye’s vision. I lost all hope. In this hopelessness, I received further jolt- my right eye, my only eye now, started getting affected. My ophthalmologist realised that something extra- ordinary might be needed now to save my right eye. I was referred to a rheumatologist. The rheumatologist prescribed me some oral medicines. I took these medicines for three months. Initially these medicines seemed to be working. But their effects were temporary. My vision once again started worsening. I was now quite worried since my board exams were nearing and this was my only eye that allowed me to see this world. At this point, my rheumatologist prescribed me an injection called . They say it is a biologic which is not only very effective but also affordable. was delivered to me at my residence. My parents were taught how to inject the drug. Effect of was dramatic. After first dose of my eye became normal within 72 hours. My vision improved dramatically at the end of one week. It was a miracle. I was once again able to concentrate on my studies and eventually appear for my board exams. Now I regularly take and it helps me lead a life like any other normal kid. *Name changed to protect identity

Mr. Sushil Kumar, Chandigarh

My childhood was not like a normal healthy child. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA) when I was 12 years old. Now I am 28 years old. My JIA gave me very painful knee joint which made walking a very difficult task. The pain in knee later on progressed to involve my back. The doctors said that I was suffering from Ankylosing spondylitis with knee involvement. Initially I was seeing a physician who quickly referred me to a paediatric rheumatologist. I am the only earning member in my family and it was imperative that my earning capability is not affected. The rheumatologist told me about injections called biologics that work better that oral medicines. I consider myself lucky that I could get access to biologics. Biologics did help me achieve normalcy in my life. Till the age of 25 years, I was on a biologic. I used to be hospitalised to get this injection. It gave me a pain free life. Then slowly effects started declining. My rheumatologist then shifted me to another biologic. This new biologic required injections that can be taken without getting hospitalised. But 12 injections of this new biologic did not work. I started losing hope. Then my rheumatologist changed the prescription to another biologic called . This biologic is exactly like the last one- does not require hospitalization. Within 48 hours of first dose of my knee pain disappeared. My back pain and stiffness improved. I could ride my bike at much better ease. Now I am on regular therapy and it has improved my quality of living. Till date, I have not faced any adverse reactions by using Exemptia. is the first and only self-injectable biologic treatment that requires just one injection fortnightly for adults with autoimmune arthritides (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis). Once you and your doctor are comfortable with the self-injection process, you will inject under the skin, just twice a month. Your results may vary.

Mr. Krishna Kumar Maruti Pol from Kolhapur, Maharashtra

It all started with aching and stiff joints. I was not able to sleep properly. When I would wake up, I would not feel fresh as I would earlier. I started getting tired easily even with small routine activities. No doctor could really tell me what was happening. Ultimately, at the age of 32 years, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RF +ve) by one doctor in Mumbai. He gave me a pain- killer which relieved my symptoms. But then, this relief was temporary; I would be pain free only so long as I am continuing with this pain- killer. And then there were side- effects. Doctors would just keep changing the prescription from one pain- killer to another. Frustrated, I resorted to ayurvedic treatment for some 6-7 months. But it did not work. Then the disease went on progressing. Joint pains progressed to my back. Even sitting was painful now. Once I sat, getting up was a nightmare. I developed a phobia about sneezing- if I sneezed, there would be an intense pain in my chest. Later I was told that I am suffering not only from Rheumatoid Arthritis but also from Ankylosing Spondylitis. Luckily, someone told me to consult a rheumatologist, and I followed that advice. I consulted a rheumatologist based out of Pune. It was he who advised me to take an advanced treatment for my condition. He prescribed me an injection called . I found this injection to be very effective. I started experiencing the benefits right after 3rd day of dosing. All my troubles now seem to have gone. I am able to go for a morning walk now. There is no hospital admission required for this injection. is the first and only self-injectable biologic treatment that requires just one injection fortnightly for adults with autoimmune arthritides (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis). Once you and your doctor are comfortable with the self-injection process, you will inject under the skin, just twice a month. Your results may vary.

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