1. We would be happy to help you find the relevant tools and resources to help you in your Exemptia treatment
  2. Are you just starting with Exemptia? Sign up for EXEMPTIA CARE programme today.
  3. Patients and their care givers can enrol in our patient care services to avail our services or get responses to their queries:
    1. Email us at care@exemptia.com
    2. Call us at 1800-123-CARE (1800-123-2273) from Monday to Saturday 10 AM – 6 PM IST (Indian Standard Time) (Services will be active from December 10, 2014 onwards)
  4. Patients and healthcare professionals will be offered the below services:
    1. Support for patient compliance and adherence i.e. medication reminders, status of prescription (Rx) order

Setting up medication reminders

We know that you are very busy and remembering when to take your Exemptia medication isn’t always easy. EXEMPTIA CARE offers medication reminders the way that’s most convenient for you. Messages arrive on one day prior to the date you specify for taking the next dosage of Exemptia and a call comes one day after the date on which you have set up the medication reminder. Plus, you can change your reminder settings at any time by calling. It’s at no additional cost to you.

Set Up Medication Reminders Now
  1. Calling us at EXEMPTIA CARE toll free number: 1800-123-CARE (1800-123-2273)
  2. E-mail us at: care@exemptia.com