Adalimumab Targets and Neutralize Specific Proinflammatory Mediator of Immune System.


Inflammation of the pigmented vascular layer of the eye — is a medical emergency responsible for up to 20% of cases of blindness1

For patients with chronic or recurrent uveitis, whose uveitis is not controlled within 3 months of treatment with ≤10mg/day, steroid-sparing therapies have become the standard of care2.

Adalimumab approved for non-infectious uveitis fills gap3.


For Noninfectious Uveitis

Swollen Joint Count

Post Marketing Surveillance

Real world Evidences

Intermediate, Posterior and Panuveitis non-infectious Uveitis

Use, Safety and Efficacy of ZRC 3197, a biosimilar candidate of reference Adalimumab from Tertiary Pediatric Rheumatology Centre in India

Clinical Data

Percentage of Vision improvement, Flare improvement and cell Improvement in pediatric uveitis patents after 3 and 6 moth of follow up


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